Refresh, Renew, or Repair

Have some damaged or old frames that need a bit of work to look perfect again? We can do just that!


$6 /sqft
  • Mask off leaf areas
  • New paint
  • New antique wash


$8 /sqft
  • Asses all imperfections
  • Fill and prep all areas
  • Mask off leaf areas
  • New paint top coat
  • New antique wash
  • Total-up Gold/Silver


$12 /sqft
  • Repair any corner breaks
  • Fill and divots and dings
  • Clean and prep all surfaces
  • New coat of burnish sealer
  • New paint
  • New leaf
  • New antique wash

Order our services

 If you would like to submit an order please head over to our Contact page and fill out the form. We will reply back to you within 48 business hours to go over your project and ask about any specific questions we might have.

The length of repair will depend highly on the amount of work that your frame needs. 

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