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2580 Tabor Street
Lakewood, Colorado

for a wide, beautiful selection of frames. Get them ready-made, gilded, or custom!

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We have been around for more than 25+ years designing and crafting beautiful frames. Whether it be a ready-made, gilded, or custom frame, our frames will complement your artwork perfectly.

Ready Made Frames

Our Ready-Made Frames feature 2 1/2″ hand-wrapped linen liners. Other liner sizes are available, so please contact us! Contact us to customize your own.

Gilded Frames

Our Gilded Frames are distinguished by their hand-crafted finish; the resultant variations and textures are a distinctive aspect of the design. Get you own custom made gilded frame today!

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Custom Frames

We provide the opportunity for our customers to create their own frames! We have a multitude of custom corners to choose from. Need a custom frame? Contact us today!

Finest frames made in the state! Decades of happy artists 🙂

Nini Eckels

Fantastic company ran by fantastic people. Almost all of my pictures at home are framed through Abend. Their work is phenomenal!

Drake Duenwald